Congratulations to Arlo Parks and her team for the brit award and inspiring a new generation of music fans through kindness and creativity – super powers to behold.

Here’s a film we shot together in Richmond Park in between lockdowns last year, at a time where Arlo was writing her debut album, ‘Collapsed in Sunbeams.’

In a moment of absolute magic, a family of deer emerge from the tree-line, as Arlo reflects on the effects of isolation on her wellbeing and creativity, and the importance of making music that helps people.

This was a truly freeform collaborative process, with Luke C. Harper shooting handheld on 16mm, Sam Johnson on focus, Emily Close production assisting, Jonny Tully colouring and Steve Pringle with the totally improvised-to-picture synth composition.

Thanks everyone for your beautiful work, making this was an important step out of the depths of lockdown for me, and a privilege of course to work with Arlo on something so intimate and improvised. Full film out now on Wonderland.