The aim was to bring together a dedicated mosh hunting community to help track down and intercept the first official mosh pit in the UK once covid restrictions are lifted, and I’ve been blown away by all of your contributions so far, with involvement from Pigsx7, Che Lingo, IDLES, WuLu, Sports Team, Alice Dellal, Loose Articles, and many many more.

This promises to be more than a film about moshing. It’s a film about the resilience of the DIY music industry in this country; all the bands, fans, photographers, tour managers, roadies, sound engineers and independent venues that make the music industry what it is today in the UK.

It’s also a film about what we’ve lost this past year to covid, and what we’ve been through mentally. The science of human touch, the psychology of crowd behaviour, and the impact of isolation on our mental wellbeing and our creativity. We’ll uncover the power of communal alchemy, social and sonic harmony, and that transcendent feeling in the pit, where for one brief moment, many people make a whole.

Now I believe this film will serve as both an ode to the awesomeness of the independent music scene in the UK, whilst also capturing the utter joy and catharsis of tracking down the first mosh pit after more than a year of social distancing.

This is very much a film in the making, but thanks to everyone so far for your incredible stories, videos and general contributions to what promises to be a truly epic #moshumentary film. Please keep sending them through and stay tuned for further updates and announcements.