‘From West Africa to Margate’ — New Foundation follows musician and artist Falle Nioke’s ways of creating senses of community and feelings of connection from Guinea to the English coast

‘Margate-based director Tom Dream has collaborated closely with artists from the coastal area to create a series of live portraits of artists, including Falle Nioke, who had just moved to the region. New Foundation captures the Guinea expat at a “particularly exciting moment in his life,” says the director. “Filmed soon after the birth of his son, the center of his creativity now has a new foundation in family and community.”

Nioke’s music is the thread that weaves through this visual tapestry about his new world; showcasing the warmth of his hometown in Conakry, spotlighting his south London performance with Jungle musician Congo Natty, and celebrating his family life in England. “The filming process gave Falle an opportunity to reflect on his journey so far, while looking towards a new future in the UK,” says Dream. “I hope the project works both as an introduction to an emerging artist, and also a positive immigration story.”’ – NOWNESS